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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Happy Fall Everyone!

Today, my kids started school. And along with KFA, I'd like to remind everyone to make sure that their kids' EpiPens are up to date.

I also just came across a really cool site that sells what are called "allernotes",

which are notes that you can stick to your kids' lunch box, or give to a waiter announcing your food allergy, which they can then stick on the menu ticket for the chef. Here's the link.

And I want to tell you about a new line of Teriyaki Sauces that I am pretty excited about. SEAL SAMA. They are all natural, and they even have a Gluten-free sauce, which is hard to find. (Please note, however, that these sauces contain soy). They are not too salty, and use pineapple juice to enhance the sweet tart flavor. In addition to the "Gluten-free" sauce and the "Chef's Blend", there is also a "Less Sodium" sauce and a "Sugar-free" sauce made with splenda. I like these sauces for there simplicity. They are light, fresh, and
easy to use. Either marinate, or use them for dipping. Hope you enjoy!

Next up:

I have a holiday cookie spread coming out in the December issue of Living Without, and I can finally tell you all that my next book will be available in December 2009. It is an allergen-free baking cookbook, and will be published by 10 Speed Press/Celestial Arts. Regretfully, the follow up to the Whole Foods Allergy Cookbook will have to wait a little while longer. But that's coming too!

kind regards,